The Spirit of Cancer

Two years ago today I received the devastating metaplastic breast cancer diagnosis, with poor prognosis. Today I am vibrantly alive. On this bewildering anniversary, I would like to share a powerful story that has been close to my heart, and very private, since it happened.

Last year in April, towards the end of my radiation treatments, I received a bodywork session from the lovely Corinna who owns a day spa in Marin County (see below). She gave me a great massage on my back. By the time I turned over, I was very relaxed. She had seen and touched my left breast-less chest previously, so I trusted her implicitly. My eyes were closed, as I melted into her touch, and the background sounds of seagulls and ocean waves coming from her speakers.

At some point I sensed her hands moving above the skin of my left side, above my chest, in the air, in a movement as if she was pulling something out of me. Because I did not want to disturb this sensation, I kept my eyes closed. As she continued with the motion, all of a sudden I felt something very strange and powerful: “the spirit of cancer”, like a genie being released from a bottle – whooooosh – was leaving my body. The cancer was gone.

Since that moment I have felt free of cancer. Like a curse was taken away; an alien was expelled, an exorcism performed. Because the experience was so strong, I did not talk to Corinna about it; or much at all. I am not sure if she was aware of it, or if she even moved her hands over my chest in the way I imagined. It doesn’t really matter because I am certain that at that moment the spirit of cancer left my body.

Is there such a thing as “the spirit of cancer”? My pragmatic mind would have doubted it, but my direct experience made me feel otherwise.

So today two years have passed since the diagnosis. I feel strong, healthy and vibrantly alive. The cancer is gone. All is well.

PS. Thank you, Corinna, for your loving touch and support. I will never forget it, and the wonderful massages and facials you gave me at Body Celebration. ❤


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  1. Carolyn Arnold
    Carolyn Arnold says:

    Lokita dear, I’m soooo glad that the cancer left your body, and I’m so grateful for your awareness of your mind, spirit, and heart that you share with all of us. Big heart hugs on this anniversary! Love, carolyn

  2. Christine taylor
    Christine taylor says:

    Glad to read your words this day! I like the idea of the spirit of cancer. I imagine It must have a place in the universe too. Thank you for sharing this. And with the photo it leaves a great image in my mind of smokey release…

  3. Jim Fritz
    Jim Fritz says:

    I believe a more productive way of looking at body function, especially at the cellular level is to use the word energy rather than spirit. For me all human body operations has is own unique ENERGY signature. That energy is subject to control by the mind. Bruce Lipton, PhD former professor of cellualer biology at Stanford Medical School, has written/lecture extensively on this; see book entitled, THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF. The big challenge to humans is to define what we want rather than what we DON’T want. Then to translate that into mind pictures rather than the abstractions of words. The constantly see that image whenever we think of the solution rather than the problem.

    • Lokita Carter
      Lokita Carter says:

      Dear Jim, thanks for your comment. I usually prefer the word ‘energy’ over ‘spirit’ as well, but in this case it truly felt like a spirit. It did not feel like energy, but like an entity, complete in itself. Energy for me is all-emcompassing and a flow. It IS there in my body, around me, in this world. Naming certain energy as the energy of cancer, or sexual energy, or whatever energy doesn’t make sense to me. I actually saw the image of the “spirit of cancer” as it was leaving my body, my energy field. I will be sure to look up the book you mention, thanks for the recommendation. Sending lots of love to you.

      • Jim fritz
        Jim fritz says:

        I totally get what you are saying. Thank you. I Send you GREAT MASSES OF LOVE to do with as you will.

  4. Claudia
    Claudia says:

    Lokita-one of my two terrific grandsons has a phrase he has used since he could first speak…when asked about trying a new activity his response is often “Sure, why not?”
    When metaphysical things occur and make such a positive change I’m inclined to quote him-“Sure! Why not?!”
    I am always wishing you the very best.

  5. Ken Kinghorn
    Ken Kinghorn says:

    I’m filled with gratitude hearing your story Lokita. It strikes me somehow that you possibly ‘let go’ as much as ‘it left’. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Barbara Hansen
    Barbara Hansen says:

    Pulling out cosmic cords is a POWERFUL healing modality and I am lifted by this report of how it positively influenced your course of health restoration. Nothing in the world compares with the power of the human touch when it is used for good! As she pulled on the cords, I know she invoked prayers of perfect healing and health for you…body, mind and spirit.
    Blessed be Corinna and you, as well, Lokita!
    P.S. I wholeheartedly recommend EVERYTHING Bruce Lipton has written. Having spent over 24 hours listening to him speak –IN PERSON– in lectures and private conversation, both. He is brilliant and innovative and what he says ‘just makes sense’!! Too much sense to ignore!

  7. Sue Tobias
    Sue Tobias says:

    Lokita- I am so happy for your vibrant aliveness and I love reading your words. There always seems to be a special message in your blog just for me- and I’m sure many of your readers feel the same way!
    So much love!, Sue


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