Brief Facts

Together with my beloved late husband Steve I co-founded the Ecstatic Living Institute in 1999, and  taught over 500 Tantra seminars across the US and Central America. Solo offerings included women’s retreats, coaching and weekend seminars.

Beginning late in 2014 Steve and I spent longer periods in Costa Rica. Then I got diagnosed with a rare and very aggressive breast cancer. I went into treatment. Right after my 4th chemo infusion, Steve was murdered while walking with our dog Coco. She was also shot but survived. All the details are in my blog.

Time passed.

Deep reflection and inquiry confirmed to me very acutely and with moment to moment immediacy that whatever the circumstances, who I am is the only stability. I know for certain that this will never change, and I cultivate this every day.

And when we die, what can we take with us? There is only love. In my heart I know that only love is real. My spiritual master Osho told me back in 1982 that, “God comes as love, he showers on us as love, so when love starts moving you know perfectly well that God is very close by. Let your spiritual journey be a love affair”. A love affair with the divine. That’s my life.

“What’s next?” they asked. “What’s now?” I answered.

An Awakening

One ordinary morning when I was 14 years old I looked in the mirror and saw — this face. “My” face. But suddenly “my” did not make sense anymore. The face looking back at “me” was somehow no longer attached to who “I” was. It was bewildering.

At the local library I found books by J. Krishnamurti, Da Free John, books on meditation, zen, metaphysics and finally, a book on Tantra by Osho. There, I discovered that what I had experienced has a name – witness consciousness. The part that never dies. Pure awareness. My commitment to Tantra began then, and has been ever deepening.

I went through the biggest challenge of my life: living right on the edge of life and death. Experiencing every moment in its eternity. A bearing witness to it all.

That is a spiritual experience. It is very simple.

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Osho Disciple

Became a sannyasin i.e. disciple of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, aka Osho in 1982. Yes, I wore orange clothes and the mala with His portrait for many years, meditated and practiced all facets of Tantra. Was part of Osho’s video team and traveled with Him on the World Tour (1986-1987, Nepal, Greece, Uruguay, Jamaica, Portugal, India) after he was deported from the US. Lived at the Rajneesh Ashram, now known as Osho Multiversity in Pune, India;  eventually settled in Australia before meeting Steve in California in 1998. Still very much devoted to Osho and his Tantra Vision.


Personal Growth

Meditated from an early age and practiced Tantra since reading the first book about it. Studied with esteemed Tantra masters Margot Anand, Alan Lowen, Barry Long and others. Became a rebirthing therapist in 1984 after a training at Consciousness Village in Sierraville, California, led by Leonard Orr.

Took countless personal growth and meditation seminars over the years. Lots of travel provided me with a broad perspective of different cultures, societies and attitudes, resulting in my deep appreciation for the human being in all its countless facets. In the end, we all want the same thing: love.

My life and teachings are also inspired by – in no particular order – Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava, Anam Thubten, Eckart Tolle, Chögyam Trungpa, Adyashanti, and Jack Kornfield, amongst others.



Since childhood I have been a passionate writer – poems, stories, letters, articles, technical manuals, newsletters, Tantra course manuals and curricula, websites, and then, my blog.

I especially enjoy reading, gardening, spending time in nature, meditating, walks on the beach with my beloved doghter Coco, and being with friends. Aquafitness and studying Spanish are high on my priority list. There is nothing on my bucket list!



Ecstatic Living Institute

Co-founded Ecstatic Living Institute. Handled all administration, accounting, advertising and marketing, website development and management, customer service, curriculum development, design and content of course materials. Co-led over 500 seminars and vacation retreats; solo offerings included weekend seminars, coaching for couples and women’s retreats. Trained a new generation of SkyDancing Tantra teachers.


SkyDancing Tantra Institute

Together with my late husband, I was the lineage holder of best-selling author Margot Anand’s teachings in the USA, and acted as director of the Institute. Trained new presenters, teachers and coaches and oversaw licensing, and ethical standards issues.


Watsu Therapist

Became inspired to bring more balance into my life by studying and practicing Watsu®, a form of aquatic bodywork that takes place in a pool heated to body temperature. In 1998 I completed my Watsu teacher certification, and passionately continue my studies of other aquatic modalities. At some point along the way I also became a massage therapist.


Accounting Software Consultant

Analyzed small business manual accounting records, procedures and business structures. Implemented computerized accounting solutions; trained and empowered owners to be in charge of and understand their financial records and reports; wrote procedure manuals and provided telephone support; consulted with registered taxation agents at year end for tax return preparation.

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