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A life-threatening rare breast cancer diagnosis, followed by harrowing treatment. The tragic loss of her beloved husband Steve in a murder spree.

All this happened to Lokita Carter in late 2015. Then, time passed. Followed by knee replacement surgery. And more passing of time.

Her blog is the raw, heart-wrenching and inspiring chronicle of the events, the feelings, the fears, the grief, the good moments, and ever so slowly, the transformation.

Two years later, she has re-emerged strong, victoriously and bright from the darkest, most horrible time of her life with new insights and intimate understanding of life, death and what’s really important: love.

Lokita is profoundly inspired to share her insights and passion for Tantra, through her writings and her coaching, and to let others taste the bliss that is possible when we are fully present to now, and in love with ourselves, each other and life at large.

When we are present, really present with life and death any moment, everything becomes so precious.

Lokita’s Blog

I want to disappear.

I wish I could simply disappear. Vanish like a soap bubble. One moment she shines bright and iridescently, and then - zap - she's gone. As if she was never there in the first place.

Love in the USA

The trip from Costa Rica was excruciating. My flight was 3.5 hrs delayed in Dallas, and I ended up having a 6-hr layover there. When I got to San Francisco, the suitcases had already arrived. My girlfriend and her husband welcomed me to their…

Surrender: Giving Myself to that which is highest

Cancer is a peculiar experience. When I first spoke about it, people tried to be reassuring with sentences containing words like "fight" and "battle". I don't want to fight this cancer in a battle. This is not a war. For me, this is about…

Watching the Movie

After the initial shock of the diagnosis, Steve and I spent several wonderful days on the beach, riding around on our motor cycles, enjoying each other's company and generally loving life and each other. Really, what else is there to do! My…

Tropical TantraTM Coaching in Costa Rica

This is the ultimate for relationship renewal! Give yourselves the gift of undivided attention for each other, and dedicate a week in paradise to enhance your relationship – communication, sexual intimacy, heart connection, and your spiritual life together.

Fan your flames of passion. Learn skills for creating more pleasure in your love life. Bring more spiritual meaning into your loving. Satisfy your curiosity about Tantra or deepen your tantric practice. Address specific issues in your relationship. Enjoy each other and fall in love over and over again!

This is a very rare opportunity to study with Lokita Carter during an  exclusive and custom-designed Tropical Tantra Coaching program and a fantastic vacation at Playa Montezuma, Costa Rica.

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