Tropical Tantra Coaching is here…

A few months ago I announced it and now the day is finally here – my official re-entry into the world. Tomorrow my first Tropical Tantra Coaching retreat will begin. I am scared and excited, nervous and relaxed, fast and slow, in deep trust and reaching for control, all at the same time. My home, the tantra pavilion and the guest Casita look and feel spectacular. New hammocks hung up, dead leaves taken away. Everything is licked, clean, green, lush and vibrant. There are tropical flowers everywhere. I unpacked the workshop boxes I hadn’t looked at since Steve’s and my last Tropical Tantra retreat exactly three years ago.

Washed and then tried on all my workshop clothes, laundered and ironed the decorations, cleaned out the massage oil bottles, reviewed the music and practices, made a curriculum for the week and abandoned it; set up the schedule and changed it again. Dusted off the stereo system and got the Tibetan bells out. Sorted through all my earrings and necklaces, put a new battery in my wristwatch. Got the Kleenex boxes set up and folded the blindfolds for our daily breathwork meditations. Hung up the chakra banner and the yab yum tapestry that Steve and I had with us in every single event – over 500 since 1999. Wow.

All this activity is reawakening a part of myself that has been deep asleep for three years, dreaming that all these shocking and horrible things have happened, and now here I am, suddenly awake again, in new circumstances, reaching out with the Tantra vision to the world again, one couple at a time, hoping to transmit something to them that will enrich their lives and touch them. In my heart I feel really proud of myself for having come this far. Who would have thought two years ago that I would be teaching again? I know my teaching will be different; deeper, more mature, more relaxed and even more single pointed than it has been. Confronting death sure has brought a surge of new insight and material to my life! I will be focusing on sexual expression as a way of life; creating the arc from habit to keen awareness. From absence to presence. From head to body and heart. Awakening the inner fire and flowing in the ocean of bliss.

Steve would be so happy to see me now. Sitting on our sofa, in this paradise that we co-created together, teaching Tantra, empowered to live in bliss beyond tragedy and horror and loss. With our beloved doghter Coco by my side. Oh, I miss him so much. How, HOW could this have happened?! It is still incomprehensible to me.

Yesterday I imagined being with the couple who will join me in my home for a week, and for 20 hours of intensive private coaching. We have not met before. I will enter into a relationship with them, will hear of their challenges and celebrations, their joy and their sorrow. We will be in an altered state of being together, away from the world, on an adventure of the heart, an immersion into the Great Mystery. We will share difficult places and amazing breakthroughs. Together we will participate in this mysterious workshop of ours and weave our very own reality.

I am excited to connect, grow and learn. My personal workshop has already begun, and I am humbled by the wild butterflies that are dancing in my stomach as I am writing this. And my heart, it overflows with gratitude.

“Gratitude has no outward object nor inward object. Gratitude is almost like a fragrance arising out of a flower. It is an experience not directed to anybody. When you reach to the very source of your being where you are completely in the mood of spring, and the flowers are showering on you, you suddenly feel a gratitude not directed to anybody, just like a fragrance arising out of you, just as incense brings ripples of smoke and fragrance moving towards the unknown sky and disappearing. Gratitude arises out of you just like a fragrance, not as a thankfulness to anybody.” ~Osho, excerpt from God is Dead, Now Zen is the Only Living Truth

PS. The image is copyright © Paul Heussenstamm at The original, very large painting was in our bedroom for many, many years.

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  1. Roxanne Perdue
    Roxanne Perdue says:

    How wonderful, Lokita! Even as bittersweet as it is, I know the retreat will be so healing for you and others. What a wonderful and amazing path. I am sending loving energy to you and to the participants.

    Te amo!

  2. Eme
    Eme says:

    It is very moving to read that you are re-entering your life as a tantric teacher/coach. I am deeply bowing to you, to your strength, your courage and your wild spirit. Sending you much Love, xo Eme

  3. Jeff Jade Spangler
    Jeff Jade Spangler says:

    You will be awesome as always Lokita! As many times as I was in the presence of you and Steve over the years through the trainings and workshops, I was always impressed and touched by the sincerity and presence you both brought to the celebration of connection that you two embodied so well. I was always somewhat envious of what you had together, and greatfull to see that there was truly an example before me that the work works.

    You will be fine as always, you are still an inspiration and a pro. That magic you two had is immortal in the flesh or otherwise. You are right, he will be so proud to see you giving again!!!

  4. EveLynn Maurine
    EveLynn Maurine says:

    Oh Lokita! I am so pleased to see you jump back into coaching and teaching. You have been missed. You are such an inspiration. I look forward to hearing more from you. You have much to teach and share. I would love to put a link and reference to your work on my website.

    Much love to you


  5. Laura Bridges-Newhouse
    Laura Bridges-Newhouse says:

    Oh, sweet Lolita. Your words are like music to my ears. When you do your sacred work, you become the Maha Goddess. Everyone is blessed in your presence. Shakti hugs to you.💙🕉️🎶🌺💜

  6. Judi Finney
    Judi Finney says:

    Blessings to you dear Lokita. You have found your way out of the darkness and created a new life and reality for yourself. I imagine that you miss Steve to your very core. I also imagine that your shared experiences are with you fully as you embark on your first tantra coaching experience.

    Warmly, Judi Finney

  7. Deja
    Deja says:

    SO HAPPY to hear this and happy for you you. Goddess rising is right! You are as always an inspiration! So grateful to know you and witness your journey. Much Love and Many Blessings. 💖😊💫

  8. Paul Krincic
    Paul Krincic says:

    You make me smile. As I read this. Don’t have a clue as to why, but I do. Who knows how it will go…how you will feel about after it is completed. But, that is for later. For now, for tomorrow, this just is right. I loved it. Loved it.

  9. Bernie Rizzo
    Bernie Rizzo says:

    Welcome home Lokita.

    It gladdens me to see you returning to teaching… to touching lives… to bringing joy into the world.

    With the trials and the tribulations, the sadness and the horror… you still have a resilience to you that I have never seen in another.

    You inspire me. If Harbin ever arises from the ashes and you decide to teach there again, I will certainly take another course. It would be a celebration of joy and of life.

    Deepest respect and love to you.

  10. Katalina Fisher
    Katalina Fisher says:

    Lokita, I am so happy right now to be reading that you are feeling ‘ready’ to move forward into this new chapter in your life. I am sending blessings and prayers your way that you will see the strength within you that so many of us have witnessed as you have swam through the ocean of grief and confusion to emerge with an even greater shining light from within. You are a powerful force on this planet and I bow to the love that I have been blessed to be witness to. Congratulations, and remember that you still have a vast community behind you, who are always ready to shower you with all the love and abundance we can manifest!

  11. Melantha
    Melantha says:

    Welcome home, back to YOU Lokita. As I read your words my heart fills with love and excitement for all that is to come, for you, for your couple, and, those of us journeying with you here in cyberspace. All love, joy and sweetness to you dear Lokita.💖💖💖

  12. Sue Tobias
    Sue Tobias says:

    I am smiling just thinking of the wonderful unique tropical tantra experience this lucky couple will experience with you. Go, Lokita!

    Love, Sue

  13. Lucy Greenway
    Lucy Greenway says:

    You will be wonderful Lokita, as you always are and the both you and the couple you are working with will end up better, stronger, and more connected. I wish you (and them) a magical and positive experience.

  14. Kavitro
    Kavitro says:

    Beautiful Lokita that you are teaching again. I have been touched by your teaching and I am feeling blessed to have had the chance to do all those workshops with you and Steve. May your teaching reach the heart of those who need it. Much love to you!

  15. Sara & Thomas Stout
    Sara & Thomas Stout says:

    How awesome to read that you are once again entering the Tantra coaching world. Particularly poignant to read about you unpacking the boxes you used in your workshops as I’m packing up the boxes we just used in teaching Timeless Loving here in Minnesota. We feel so blessed by you and Steve and it’s such an honor to watch people change their lives in the workshop you and he created. In our final sharing circle, we heard a number of times that this weekend would mark the beginning of a new phase of their lives.
    Thank you so much for the beauty and wisdom you’ve shared over the years and for the presence you will bring to whomever arrives on your doorstep.
    We love you Lokita,
    Sara & Thomas

  16. Candessa
    Candessa says:

    It is so beautiful to see you sitting on your throne and being the Queen again! You are amazing and I love your energy and devotion. I am going to see if I can find a new crown for you. :):))))))

    Blessings and lots of hugs and love to you,

    • Lokita Carter
      Lokita Carter says:

      Yes, the crown! I wore the crown earrings you gave me the other day and felt so elevated! <3 Thank you, Candessa! Hope you are well and ecstatic. Sending love.

  17. Diane Tegtmeier
    Diane Tegtmeier says:

    This is so wonderful to read! Everything sounds perfect. What a blessing your newly earned wisdom will be to your participants.

  18. Mark
    Mark says:

    I love the details you describe, they really place me in the scene and help me empathize with your current state. It does seem that you are the perfect place to teach again. Raw, at the edge of precipice, flying, stumbling, recovering, soaring. No matter what happens, it is and you are there teaching. Amazing.


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