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  1. Gayla
    Gayla says:

    I’m so glad you had a day of love, ceremony, release, and laughter with a funny and precious soul who graced this lifetime with his love and enjoyment of you. Beautiful ending of a physical aspect of the total life journey… and very funny, Steve!

  2. Xanet Pailet
    Xanet Pailet says:

    OMG Lokita. The is so beautiful, tender, and funny….all at the same time…. I am sure that Steve is having a good laugh! You model so well how to live life in celebration and find the lighter moments from the darkest places. I love you! X

  3. Karnamrita Dasi
    Karnamrita Dasi says:

    Thank you Lokita. You just shared one intimate moment with me that keeps me in inspiration of eternal love <3


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