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  1. Jeannine Grizzard
    Jeannine Grizzard says:

    I believe there is a some divine intelligence with a set of higher reasons behind Steve’s murder than extends beyond the random killing. However, I think humans, who invariably lack the view-from-50,000-feet, are foolish in sharing whatever justifications they come up with for horrific acts. If any given “divine scenario” works for a grieving person that is all good and appropriate if it springs naturally from intuition—for that person. But we cannot collectively KNOW, like a fact, the Truth behind such crimes. Nevertheless, I do believe in that divine intelligence—and in periods of intense grief and spiritual pilgrimage, animals have shown up for me in curious, uncharacteristic ways, as emissaries of the divine: as messengers, as companions in the wild, as caregivers in my home (that one being a cat suddenly and undeniably “mothering” me when my mother suddenly died). I have a deep knowing that creatures can channel forces greater than themselves to be just what we need when we really need it. Yes, Coco is an angel. And she was meant to survive to have her angel walk with you.


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