On the packed Amtrak train from Rhinebeck to New York City I sit down next to Ronnie from Rochester. Ronnie is what my judgmental mind would describe as a motor mouth, a simple and charming man in his late 40ties. Sitting next to him for the first 15 minutes, I listen to a myriad of different facts about his life, his long train journey, his plans for the destination. I am wondering how I could politely tell him that I’d prefer some silence. When I can’t find the right words, I let it go, resigning myself to listening to him for the rest of the journey.

Then the sweetest thing happens – I realize that he is quite entertaining and a beautiful man after all!

Rather than resisting the mystery of the moment that brought us together here, I literally surrender my ego, my judgmental mind to him. Suddenly his brown eyes appear brighter to me, and my heart opens up fast into the innocent space of laughter, enjoyment, being present, as he sings to me old Darryl Hall & John Oates songs, and describes in full volume the use of the “love ball” from one of Woody Allen’s movies, complete with orgasmic soundtrack an all, right there in the train carriage!

The two hours of the ride fly by, as we laugh and play, talk and commiserate, and generally enjoy each others’ company. When the train pulls into Penn Station, he gives me a gentle kiss on the cheek, as we wish each other a good life, and disappears into the crowd.

It was truly the sweetest journey. The learning here is that when I surrender my ego, my judgments, to the possibilities of the moment, anything is possible! I love that insight because it helps me to connect with others – quickly, deeply, and it enriches my life tremendously.