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The Spirit of Cancer

Two years ago today I received the devastating metaplastic breast cancer diagnosis, with poor prognosis. Today I am vibrantly alive. On this bewildering anniversary, I would like to share a powerful story that has been close to my heart, and very private, since it happened.

On Being at Home

Here I am in Denmark. Ever since leaving our place in Costa Rica 11 days ago, Coco and I have been on the road. My natural disposition is that of a homebody, so traveling here and there is not easy for me. Coco doesn’t seem to be bothered; she’s just relaxed and happy wherever she […]

Trauma, Truth & Trust

I am exhausted, sitting on the sofa. My friend ever so gently picks up one of my feet and strokes it softly. His tenderness and love flowing into me make my heart burst open. The trauma I am holding in my cells is triggered instantly.

Being Joy

Joy. We can never take it for granted. Before the breast cancer and Steve’s murder I had a lot of joy. Mostly I recognized it on photographs and when I saw my shining eyes in the mirror, but honestly, I did not really feel it. Then the s#*% hit the fan, and joy was gone. […]