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The Mind is never choiceless

Here I am, all alone now. The flow of close friends from California has ended. It began the day I arrived here in Costa Rica in December and my final two visitors left yesterday. The house is quiet. Coco is on extra alert, busily patrolling the grounds. Lately, many questions have been arising – where […]

Justice Served?

This post is not for the faint-hearted. The remaining two of the three people responsible for Steve’s murder pleaded guilty in court yesterday, on my birthday, as part of a plea agreement. I knew about it in advance, so I was prepared. There will be no jury trial now, and they will be sentenced to […]

Celebrating my Birthday

Tomorrow, February 6th, is my birthday. Mind you, every day almost feels like my birthday nowadays! I wake up every morning amazed that I am still alive, still here in this body; a fresh being, discovering the world around me, coming into a brand-new life. Slowly, slowly my tender new winglets unfurl and open to […]