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YES! Teaching Tantra Again

YES, I will be teaching Tantra again! I wrote the following blog post a couple of months ago but am only ready to share it publicly now. Here it goes: For the longest time, I didn’t listen to music. After Steve died, hearing any kind of melody tore me apart. It has gotten a lot […]

The White Wall

All of the interior walls of my temporary home in Denmark are freshly painted in bright white. My fingers poised on the computer keyboard, I raise my eyes to the stark white wall in front of me. Nothing. Emptiness. My fingers are not moving. Nothing is being typed. A gigantic clean slate is laid out […]

The Spirit of Cancer

Two years ago today I received the devastating metaplastic breast cancer diagnosis, with poor prognosis. Today I am vibrantly alive. On this bewildering anniversary, I would like to share a powerful story that has been close to my heart, and very private, since it happened.

On Being at Home

Here I am in Denmark. Ever since leaving our place in Costa Rica 11 days ago, Coco and I have been on the road. My natural disposition is that of a homebody, so traveling here and there is not easy for me. Coco doesn’t seem to be bothered; she’s just relaxed and happy wherever she […]