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Death. Again. And Awareness.

Death. We all know (more or less) that it is coming, but when it does, it is still always a surprise. Even though I expected my father to die sooner rather than later because of his advanced Morbus Parkinsons disease, when he did die seven days ago, the shock and grief and sadness was just […]

Two years ago today Steve died.

My antennas are on high alert. During a recent dinner conversation, someone formed his fingers into the shape of a revolver and held it up to his jaw, to illustrate some concept he was talking about. Immediately bright images flashed by my inner eye about Steve’s murder and his last moments. It took the greatest […]

YES! Teaching Tantra Again

YES, I will be teaching Tantra again! I wrote the following blog post a couple of months ago but am only ready to share it publicly now. Here it goes: For the longest time, I didn’t listen to music. After Steve died, hearing any kind of melody tore me apart. It has gotten a lot […]

The White Wall

All of the interior walls of my temporary home in Denmark are freshly painted in bright white. My fingers poised on the computer keyboard, I raise my eyes to the stark white wall in front of me. Nothing. Emptiness. My fingers are not moving. Nothing is being typed. A gigantic clean slate is laid out […]