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Coco was still standing

This post that is not for the faint of heart. Graphic details follow. It is a hard, sad read. But it must be said, for the record, now that the legal process is almost complete. In all the media reports about Steve’s murder and the court process, it was written that Steve was with our […]

How are you, Lokita?

The typical question: “How are you, Lokita?” I find it impossible to answer. No adjective can quite describe how I am. And do I really want to get into the details? Do they really want to hear? When I look at photos of myself and see radiance, aliveness and joy, I am surprised.

The Cancer Reality

Traumatic events are often blended out, I am told. Indeed the minuscule facts and even the bigger events of late, especially of the cancer experience, have already merged into the Larger History of Lokita. The other day I spoke with Susie, a woman who is currently going through breast cancer treatment.