Celebrating my Birthday

Tomorrow, February 6th, is my birthday. Mind you, every day almost feels like my birthday nowadays! I wake up every morning amazed that I am still alive, still here in this body; a fresh being, discovering the world around me, coming into a brand-new life. Slowly, slowly my tender new winglets unfurl and open to the light.

The purpose of my life now is to be alive, as fully and as consciously as I can possibly be. It means that I am authentic with everything that moves through me – may it be joy, anger, stillness, pain, love, fear, rejoycing, doubt, relief, gratitude; just to name a few of my recent experiences.

Being alive has become a deep celebration. Even in the most difficult moments, when there are challenges. There is such freedom in that raw moment of realizing life! After all I have been through, life is still pulsating in my being and in my body. Incredible.

Every day is precious. Life is so mysterious. Being alive is a great gift. When was the last time you celebrated it?

PS. The photo above was taken after a full-body sandscrub celebration – rolling in the hot, wet sand on a deserted beach at low tide, naked. I feel so grateful and fortunate to be alive!

“To be able to celebrate life is religion. In that very celebration you come close to God. If one is able to celebrate, God is not far away; if one is not able to celebrate life, then God does not exist for him. God appears only in deep celebration, when you are so full of joy that all misery has left you, all darkness has left you. When you are so full that there is no emptiness in you, that you have started feeling the significance of the ordinary, day-to-day existence, when moment to moment you live totally, intensely, passionately, then God is available.”  ~Osho, Tao: The Golden Gate Vol. 2


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  1. Jeff Iorillo
    Jeff Iorillo says:

    Lokita you are an incredible person, thank you for sharing this shot of wisdom and joy. All best wishes on your birthday and thanks for the reminder to celebrate every day…

  2. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    You continue to inspire and teach me Lokita. And you remind me of what not to take for granted. Thank you. And happiest of birthdays to you!! sending much love. xxoo

  3. Jim
    Jim says:

    In the 3rd month of my 83rd year. I feel the same as you and Osho describe. Living FULL in the moment of now, is a great and fulfilling challenge. May all who read this, consider joining us.

  4. Kayo Jeandel
    Kayo Jeandel says:

    Happy Birthday gorgeous, a big cuddle from the koalas.
    I’ll raise a glass to your health and honour your precious heart.
    Love you.

  5. Leslie Harlib
    Leslie Harlib says:

    Dear Lokita it does my heart good to see all the joy of the present in your face. Blessings to you and your indomitable spirit, on your birthday,

  6. Sue Tobias
    Sue Tobias says:

    Lokita- I love the image of your new winglets unfurling in the light! Happy Birthday and Happy Everyday!

    Love and gratitude, Sue

  7. Carol Valentine
    Carol Valentine says:

    Sending showers of birthday love to rain down on you, Lokita! We celebrate your aliveness, too! Grateful for your shared wisdom.
    Carol Valentine and Jack Dwyer

  8. Ilene Levinson
    Ilene Levinson says:

    Happy Birthday Lokita! While our paths have only crossed a few times (most recently when my husband, Rem, and I attended the memorial for Steve), please know that you (and Steve) have had a big positive influence on both our lives. We wish you a beautiful and peaceful birthday month and continued healing of body and soul. Sending hugs and blessings. Ilene Levinson and Rem van Tijen


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