Steve is at Home

17 months later. We drive along the dusty road. Palms, hills with flowering trees, Brahma cattle grazing lazily, in the distance the ocean – Coco, laid back tranquilo Coco goes completely crazy with excitement. There is no doubt in my mind that she senses where we are going!

The moment we arrive at our home, she turns from the docile companion Wonderdog she has been into the Tropical Superdog she was back when.

Coco erupts into fits of ecstatic rapture. She jumps into the pool, rolls in the grass in 1001 locations, runs around, patrols the circumference of the property with her nose stretched forward, barks at the iguana in the tree and the monkeys below, plays, gets back in the pool, runs around some more… the garden, the house, the grounds – it is hers, all hers.

I sit down, devastated and stunned to have to witness all this without my beloved, yet admiring the glorious views, and relishing the size of the tropical plants which were small when I left, and are now 10 feet tall. I am surrounded by the beauty of paradise and my heart overflows watching Coco’s expression of purest joy to be here.

As I allow myself ever so gently to tune into the soft energy of the divine mystery, I feel this – Steve thanking me for bringing him and Coco home.


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  1. Sharon Weinberg
    Sharon Weinberg says:

    So glad his spirit is at peace. You’ve all had such a difficult journey. May your heart fill with the abundant love you shared together in so many moments. Sending Coco and you love and light.

  2. Christina de Jongh
    Christina de Jongh says:

    I am soooooo happy to read this!!!! Wishing you both luscious happy times… Thinking of you…and so glad it feels so good to be back home. Lots of love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Corinna Joy Kavanagh
    Corinna Joy Kavanagh says:

    Oh my gosh! Sitting in the Oakland airport, heading to Germany, as I am this!
    Chills run up and down my spine, and tears shot into my eyes! You are home dear one! And so is Coco! I am soooo unbelievably relieved and happy for you!
    Now it is time to truly heal! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Mary Alice
    Mary Alice says:

    Peace and joy…. so deserved. You deserve every happy moment. And how kind to be loving CoCo through all of this. I’m smiling.

  5. Belinda
    Belinda says:

    Oh Lokita! I’m so happy to read about your travel home. Our furry family members are such great teachers about being in the moment and showing their happiness. It feels like you’re being held in a new way now. So much love to you, and I am so very happy for you and Coco!

  6. Sue Tobias
    Sue Tobias says:

    I love seeing you and Coco with such big smiles and happy faces! Thank you for this pic- brightened up my dark, cold Jersey day. You so deserve everything paradise has to offer – you truly walk the walk of your divine mysterious life journey.

    Long live Lokita and Coco!
    Love, Sue

  7. Susan Lettow
    Susan Lettow says:

    Oh my dear Lokita! This brought instant tears to my eyes and a chill to my spine. You and Coco are home! Many blessings.

  8. Danielle Adair
    Danielle Adair says:

    Dogs are magical! They show us how to live in the moment…and how to be shake it off…how could you have done this without her? Healing with pure love.

  9. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    I wonderful description of a bittersweet but ultimately healing homecoming. I send you lots of loving kindness and Gemütlichkeit.

  10. melantha
    melantha says:

    Welcome home❤️ I can more than imagine the feelings of Coco and you by your smiles in this lovely photo of joy and relief. You are all home and life embraces you…such a journey you have come through…so strong, so beautiful, so full of love and each moment…hugs and love to you and Coco ❤️

  11. Tracy Byars
    Tracy Byars says:

    This is SO wonderful to hear! Coco truly is channeling Steve because I know he would have the same reaction to returning home. Welcome home to all! May you continue to be held and beauty and joy.


  12. Sonya
    Sonya says:

    Sweet Lokita, this sounds like you’ve come full circle – just in a spiral sense – round but not on the same level. What a journey! I hope for you, that your heart and mind can rest in tranquility now for a while. Re-fuel, allowing all the beauty to nourish and heal and shine away any darkness.
    Love you,

  13. Andrew Parker
    Andrew Parker says:

    Welcome home Lokita we have not seen you since 2002 but we have been following your difficult journey with real admiration. We hope you find peace now you are back where you belong. With love Andrew & Karen UK

  14. Glenda
    Glenda says:

    So proud of you! Lost Mom to cancer in 2013, it has taken me time to get over it, I am living life to the fullest. I know she would have wanted it that way. Keep your head and spirit up. All the best, Glenda


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