Refuge in the Present only

Two weeks ago today Steve took that fateful walk on the hiking trail, never to return home. His murder has shattered me beyond belief. The current circumstances of my life make me remember the times back in the past when I complained how hard and difficult things were. Really? What I thought of as hard, difficult, painful, miserable and challenging then is nothing compared to today’s circumstances! How can I live through this nightmare? When will I wake up?

Being present is the greatest gift for me right now. I admit, I have not yet mastered this art form perfectly, but I am giving it my very best. When I look back at the past, my heart breaks.

The past before cancer. We were happily teaching our workshops, growing fruit and veggies in the garden, living on a rural lot at the end of a remote road with our doggies.

Even the past after the breast cancer scare; cancer being a very real possibility. When we set up our new home in Costa Rica. Sitting on the beach with Coco and Zuma. Eating sushi at Puggo’s in Montezuma with our toes in the sand.

Then I look to the future. Where will I live? What will I do for a living? Will the cancer be cured? Will it return? Will Coco be ok? All that is scary, unknowable, inducing anxiety and panic.

Only when I am here-now, making food, eating, sitting in the sun with my cup of tea, watering the plants, visiting the beach, even receiving my chemotherapy infusion – only then there is deep peace and restfulness.

So when I talk about one breath at a time, it is really true. It is my refuge, my sacred space.

What about your life? Are things really as difficult as you think? Does your mind cloud your perspective, as minds have a habit of doing? Are you celebrating this moment as a precious gift of life? Or are you wallowing and suffering?

Really, it is time for all of us to wake up to what is real now. The past is gone, tomorrow never comes.

For some more sharing about logistics…

Steve’s disembodied presence told me a few days ago that I must move immediately. Friends had invited us to stay with them during the cancer treatment, but it was no longer the right place. I moved into a beautiful house yesterday which I will share with a friend for several months. I feel so blessed to have a space to call “my own” where I can BE, and lick my gigantic wounds.

Coco, our Doberman doghter, is slowly healing from her terrible injuries and trauma, and I so look forward to hugging and loving her.

And, my new chemotherapy regime seems to be easier on me. The only side effect from last week’s Taxol/Carboplatin infusion was severe neuropathy in my fingertips on Friday. Almost gone now.

But above all, I cannot even begin to describe how much I miss Steve. How intensely and exhaustedly I am gathering my shreds of strength to get through this time, breath by breath.

Thank  you for your loving and continued support.

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    • Diana owens
      Diana owens says:

      Thank you dear sweet lokita for your amazing commitment to life and to living in the present moment no matter what. You are a tremendous inspiration and your light shine’s for us all. thank you for the teaching that we can survive and thrive no matter what . My inspiration comes also from the people unlimited group here in Scottsdale Arizona. please check out the website at there is a commitment to break all limitations that block us from living a full and long life free of poverty aging sickness and even death. Check it out . Love you so much. Diana Owens, 928-710-6661

    • Lauri
      Lauri says:

      Dear Lokita:

      This life is but the blink of an eye… but eternity is forever. Stay open to Steve’s spirit… he’s watching over you.

      • Ashanna & Dana
        Ashanna & Dana says:

        Dearest Lokita, we are holding you in our hearts and prayers. Having deep compassion and empathy for what must at times feel unbearable for you. We also honor your strength and courage to just take one breath at a time! We include you in every healing circle and have dedicated mantras to you and Steve. Blessings to you dear Sister. Breathing with you! Seeing you filled with grace, surrounded in love, with Steves spirit close to your heart & forever one with you. Love, Ashanna & Dana

  1. Tomas Heartfield
    Tomas Heartfield says:

    You continue to crack me more open Lokita!
    Joan and I still cannot reconcile living without each other, yet, we know someday we will. So many feelings swell within me when I feel you and Steve! The only thing I can land with as medicine is that if the love is deep enough, there can be no separation. The physical comfort of this love is another story.
    Thanks for living and sharing your truth with us.


    • Deborah Haviland
      Deborah Haviland says:

      Thank you Lokita for your deep authentic feelings and expression of your experience, as you journey through your grieving…. I knew you through friends, and hugged you several times at Harbin.
      I always loved seeing you and Steve together, You have inspired me deeply by your presence.

      I am close friends with OM, Margot Anand, Scott Catamas and many others who know you.

      and thank you Tomas Heartfield for your reply.

      I live near by in Sebastopol and would love to offer some comforting massage, in November
      after I go through a 4 day training this weekend, and another one the weekend of
      Oct 30th. Sending blessings and Love.
      Love Deborah Haviland xoxox

  2. Amana Nova
    Amana Nova says:

    Shattered as you must be, please know that you are being held dear in the hearts of so many people all over the world, and we will continue to hold you dear one, until until you can put the pieces of your life back together. Love you Lokita.

  3. Adrienne Sherrill
    Adrienne Sherrill says:

    Dear Lokita,

    Your words blow me away. I, too am doing weekly infusions for breast cancer, and until I read your post two weeks ago, I was feeling sick, and miserable.

    I tend to be very upbeat and vibrant, and have tried, even during these first hard 8 weeks of Adriamycin and Cytotoxin to stay positive. But days of vomiting, with no rest and feeling like my kids are reeling, are taking a toll.

    But when I learned of Steve’s death, your situation, I vowed not to feel sorry for myself any more. I cannot fathom what you are going through. I hope I never know what you are feeling. But I am thankful for your ability to share, and hopefully for us to be able to send love back your way.

    You must be present now, because nothing else will work for you. I am sorry for your burdens. I hope with all my heart they lighten soon.


    • Lokita Carter
      Lokita Carter says:

      Oh Adrienne, I send you my love. The AC dense dose was hell for me. thank you for writing. I wish for you that the treatment is going to be a success and that it will be manageable. You are right, nothing else but being present will work for me now. Or for any of us, for that matter. Hugs to you <3

  4. vicki
    vicki says:

    Lokita, your strength in even writing this is astounding to me. I cry as I write this for you and your pain and loss. I thought I was shattered when my oldest Son lost his mind and consequently his life as we knew it. I have been struggling every day taking care of him and wondering if my life is now forever tied to an adult disabled Son. BUT, he is still alive, and hope is present for me most days and as you say, in every breath and thought. The present really is all we have–ever. And I dance…
    Thanks for your guidance, strength, your love and your courage. My good wishes, prayers, hope and kind thoughts go out to you daily.

  5. bari
    bari says:

    Hi lokita
    So sorry about all
    Yes. Funny to think about past complaints. Mu son had his leg amputated this Jan and missed wprkbseason
    We are BEing transmuted by the purple flame of light
    Blessings be
    You are in all my prayers

  6. Samvada Hilow
    Samvada Hilow says:

    Dear Lokita, thank you for sharing your truth and I am sending you lots and lots of love. Please let me know if I can be there or here for you, your dogs, your life in any way. My heart so aches for you and the moment is all we have one breath at a time.

  7. Jack Allen Tres Fontaine
    Jack Allen Tres Fontaine says:

    Lokita, you and Steve gave us such a gift, one that never ends, we love both of you so much, thank you.

  8. Lorn
    Lorn says:

    Sending lots of love to you Lokita . I do think about the good times we had together lots of laughter always and great talks . Miss you both . I sure wish you a speedy recovery. I hope to see you in CR again soon . Lots of love and a big hugg!!

    • Lokita Carter
      Lokita Carter says:

      Hello Lorn, I wish I was there already! Not for a while though. In the meantime I enjoy hearing from you. Thanks for the beautiful post on FB on the birds. What beauty. Since Steve died, there has been a flock of white pigeons circling right outside the house we stayed at, every day around the same time. They fly various formations, and in my heart I feel that they are Steve’s messengers. Love to you <3

      • Wahila Wilkie
        Wahila Wilkie says:

        I agree Lokita, they are Steve spirit visiting you in the present. Helping you breathe through one more day and stay connected spirit to spirit. I am sending you so much love in aching in my heart for all that you’re going through. If there is ever anything I can do for you it would be my greatest honor to serve you.

  9. Scott Akemon
    Scott Akemon says:

    You are an amazing person. In the midst of it all you still teach us a valuable lesson in life and one that many of us have a hard time remembering. Life is for the living, not to suffer. TWO WEEKS! Oh my god how life has changed. Has it really been two weeks since this happened? My god. You inspire me with your grief and your love and your willingness to continue. Such a strong energy inside you that burns so brightly, it serves as a beacon for others to contemplate our own trials and tribulations in a whole new way. I love you Lokita, and I know many others do as well. You are not alone, even when it feels like you might be. Thank you for sharing the journey. Namaste.

  10. Suzanne Wagner
    Suzanne Wagner says:

    Thank you Lokita for your continuing process and words. You are courageous beyond measure. Know that so many are supporting you in this journey. And I am sure Steve is also using his guiding words to help you find where you are to be in proper time and space.

  11. Saida
    Saida says:

    Sweet Lokita,

    Your courage and strength are profoundly inspiring.

    I’m not sure what transpired with Steve, but was shocked to find out it was murder.

    I’m breathing with you sister.

  12. Grace
    Grace says:

    Your magnificence shines so brilliantly. Your words pierced me to the heart and I must listen. You are the greatest teacher to me. Thank you .

  13. Sarah Marshank
    Sarah Marshank says:

    Dearest Lokita,
    My heart was ripped open hearing this news.
    All I could do was hug my Steven closer, and together cry for you and yours.
    Now, all I can seem to manage to do is bow.
    To you, your journey, and the Life that is living us all.
    May each breath bring you closer to full realization of the Truth of who we are,
    and may your human heart grieve with the magnitude and beauty that brings forth a Love more tangible than imaginable.

  14. Alan
    Alan says:

    My darling dearest Lokita. My heart stretches out to yours. My love encircles and my prayers comfort you. You are a part of me now and forever. I am with you. You are with me. Namaste.

  15. April Blake
    April Blake says:

    Dear Lokita –
    I am so sorry for your loss! You may not remember me but I came to your home for massage with Steve quite a few years ago now. I had just run into him about a month ago at the Good Earth by chance, I had not seen him in years, but we spoke for about 30 mins and he shared with me everything that was going on with you, moving,etc. Steve had been instrumental in my healing process when I was extremely ill over 20 years ago! We worked to together for over a year when he came to Marin to do massage. He was a very important person to me and I am so grateful we had that last meeting. I also share in the deep sorrow of his tragic passing. I did go and offer my prayers at the site and will continue to hold you in my prayers as well for your deepest healing on all levels. Thank you so much for sharing your heart – in love and friendship – April Blake

  16. Shema Satya
    Shema Satya says:

    I am so moved by your openness and vulnerability here. For one, it helps us know how you are doing, which the caring community cherishes. I did not know of you and Steve before this. Though I have lived in Fairfax for over 30 years, this is what has brought me in. Plus dear friends know you, so as extended family I feel connected.

    I hold witness to your journey and send prayers and love.. By our vulnerability we help each other along this mysterious path of life.
    Happy to hear you are in a beautiful home now, that will surely help!

  17. Marci Javril
    Marci Javril says:

    Dearest Lokita, I was wondering when Steve’s spirit would speak to you, and what he would say. I am so hoping he is cuddling you and giving you insights thru your internal whispers of memory and presence. In the Present. You are Prescient. Yes. Holding the Now. Is all we have. You & Steve taught me to stay in the breath, and so I shall. And so we shall. And so we move, one breath at a time. Sending much courage and persistence to your mind, heart and feet. Beautiful smile…

    AVA KENNEDY says:

    I love you, Lokita. Thank you for reminding us about how precious is our present moment. Steve’s loving face keeps coming to me, giving me joy amidst my own sorrow. I pray that you can find that present connection with him to sustain you during this time. All our hearts are broken open. Steve showed us how to love, and I want to take this horrible event as a turning point for love in my own life. Blessings to you dear Lokita.

  19. SANDY
    SANDY says:

    I’m celebrating this moment as a precious gift of life with you. Thank you for sharing and taking the courage to write your feelings. I love you. Sandy

  20. Diane Tegtmeier
    Diane Tegtmeier says:

    Dear Lokita, you continue to be a teacher to us all. Please know I’m feeling and breathing every word you write and sending love back with every breath. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to support your healing. In love and gratitude.

  21. Jan
    Jan says:

    I am so touched by your authentic sharings here. It is helping me appreciate every moment, everything in a new way. I hold you in my thoughts and heart for the healing and comfort your heart is asking for.

  22. Marija Chandler
    Marija Chandler says:

    Hi Lokita, as I read what happened to you and your beloved Steve, my universe is filled with shock and pain. I cannot fathom your grief and the strength needed to push forward. Your grace and beauty shines brightly in my heart. I will keep you and beloved Steve in my prayers. I pray for your continual recovery.
    Love, Marija

  23. LuciLight
    LuciLight says:

    Dearest Lokita,
    Thank you for sharing what you are going through with all of us. Certainly, the present moment is all we have -it’s all there is. Laurent and I think of you and Steve often (daily now). We look at that book you made with photos and memories of the Tantra week we spent in playa Troncones. It was 2008. Remember? The place was called Present Moment retreat. Life always happens in the present moment. Love you Lokita.

  24. Amy Jacob
    Amy Jacob says:

    Dearest Lokita,
    I think if you and Steve every day. My heart breaks for you and for our collective loss. I’m still so angry. I’m not sure if Christina shared the dream I had the other night… But we were all fishing, Steve was there,and we were marveling at how strongly you cast your line and asked for you to teach us how to do it… We need you precious heart… Sending so much love to you…

  25. Christina Delfina
    Christina Delfina says:

    Dearest Lokita, I was more heartbroken over Steve’s unbelievable death than over loosing Harbin, my home & life’s work! I cannot fathom why you need to go through that on top of batteling cancer. What I hear is an incredible strong and courageous soul, that is awakened by these events of life and you are inspiring so many people with your insight and deep life learning and sharing!
    Thank you deeply for your courage and tenderness to share!
    I love you, meine norddeutsche Schwester!!

  26. Kim Stanley
    Kim Stanley says:

    I have cried for you and the loss of Steve the day after it happened and I found out- I called Jeff and Noriko just hoping it wasnt true!! I have hiked that trail many a time through the years. It could have been ME. Why did it have to be Steve, I ask myself..did the gods need him on the other side?? I took several of your couple workshops back in 2006, and have known you through Harbin and the greater community of people we have in common. I also just lost my brother to multiple myeloma cancer a few days before the valley fires-tough times, and the loss of Harbin. To add to it all, I was and am absolutely heartbroken for the loss of Steve, and pray for those 3 meth addicts to get healing and do community service the rest of their lives for dogs and humans in need. I know it is a nasty drug that shatters lives, BUT…they still need to do karmic payback big time. Well, they were in need, of de-tox. Too bad they couldnt have been healed by Steve instead of taking his life. I fantasize a playback, where he could have somehow given them a healing instead of what happened! I am utterly taken aback at how life happens to take the best ones. Ok, disconnection, depression, whatever leads to drug use, and then guns, that is the problem. we cannot stop hiking the trails, I do it all the time and have for 35 years. Well, YOU are still here. Yeah! And Coco survived, she will tell the story! ( I know an animal psychic here in Marin if you want to contact her.) So, YOUR healing is the important thing now, derailed in a way, is it a message to stop and take a break? STOP= See The Other Possibilites. Just sayin to check in, take a rest for a bit, and let yourself feel some strength instead of chemical warfare in your body. Ive been there and I speak from direct experience! I wrote an e-mail to Logan in the summer when you were diagnosed and came back here, and again recently. I know she is overwhelmed with e-mail, but perchance you can look it up. I would love to come and visit you, and give a hug (and I’ll wear a mask). I can only imagine your reunion with Coco will be another profound experiene, That dog is and will be your angel healer. He will transmit a part of Steve’s being back into you somehow!!! I wish for healing for you in this crazy journey you have stepped into, what it is all about, who the heck knows. I always detested when people say, “You are only given as much as you can handle”, as if you “deserve” it just because you “can” handle the situation. Aaargh! In any case, I support you as a sister, whatever your choices are to cure your cancer, and I support you as a sister of our community and the partner of Steve and all you created together, truly profound, all of it. Namaste dear one. You will prevail.

  27. Nori St. Paul
    Nori St. Paul says:

    A post I made recently: “Stress is the prerequisite of every diamond”, pales in your light. Humbly I thank you for you. Deeply I feel your sorrow. Triumpantly I stand in the now, with you. All of us. Life is a gift and you remind me. Namaste. Peace, Lokita.

  28. Ruth
    Ruth says:

    Heartbroken for your loss…..for the worlds loss…. jeff and i took one weekend workshop with you two and experienced such profound connection. It made a difference. Thank you for that. Sending love and stregnth towards those breaths of presence

  29. Jeff Hiolloway
    Jeff Hiolloway says:

    What a time for you… all the years… all the memories… and ALL the unkown… coming to you know. The past seems to give us wisdom… creating a new… can only come from new… the surprises… the uncertainty… were life resides. What seems to be true… at least for me is… being comfortable with being uncomfortable. 2 weeks seems like such an eternity… and it was only yesterday. Thank you for sharing your process with all of us… it is the light that makes what we… I might deem a challenge… nothing in comparison to what you are living. It is the love in your heart… the love of community… being grateful for even the smallest of things. You wonder where and how you will teach… YOU already are… right now… and I know Steve is right here as well… I feel him in my heart and soul. In some strange way… his transition… has brought me so much closer… and a new depth to that which is all of life……. the moment. With all the love in my heart… I wish ease and grace with each breath you take… Jeff Holloway

  30. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    You are amazing Lokita! And such an inspiration for living every moment in the presence of gratitude. Continuing to send blessings, healing, and heart love your way. Keep shining your beautiful light. Happy that you found a sweet place to live and nurture yourself. Blessings for Coco’s recovery. And to your health and well being. Love from Gerard and I. 💖🌈☀️

  31. Maya North
    Maya North says:

    All you can do is what you’re doing. Grief is a burning room and the only way out is through the burning door. You do not recover but you will heal. Follow your heart and intuition. Hold Coco close when she is returned to you. Cry when you need to. Get hugs from those you love and trust
    And when it’s all too much, take a break and simply be. You likely know better than I that it’s those moments when Heart and Spirit do their best work. And remember, you are afloat on an ocean of love well earned. Big, tender hugs…

  32. says:

    Dear Lokita,
    I don’t know you, however I have been so incredibly moved by your words, your strength, your pain, your depth. Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly . Please know that I hold a special place in my heart for you, and am so grateful to have stumbled onto your path. I am sending healing, loving energy to you and continue to be humbled, by your experience.

  33. Honey Spanjian
    Honey Spanjian says:

    Lokita, I so appreciate you sharing from your heart. The suddenness of Steve’s death is so very new and raw. All I can say is that I have an understanding of your many thoughts and feelings as I continue to find my way after Marks, sudden and unexpected death May 12, 2014. No matter how “prepared” I/we are for death – the truth is that until you are in the reality of it there are no words for the pain. I hold you in my heart and request peace and wellness for you daily as I go about my own spiritual recovery. Please know that you are loved by so many of us who continue to hold you in the Light of Love as you walk this part of your life journey. Be well and be healed!

  34. Lyndsey Madden
    Lyndsey Madden says:

    Lokita, you are the most inspiring woman. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and reminding us that all we have is now.
    Holding you in my heart.


  35. Peg & David
    Peg & David says:

    Dear one, we both send you as many hugs, blessings and prayers as possible. Our hearts are with you during this incredibly sad and challenging time. We want you to know that you and Steve made such a difference in our intimacy/life and we Are so grateful to both of you for the healing only work that you have done in this world. Love, Peg

  36. Inika
    Inika says:

    Oh, Lokita,
    I am just crushed. I think about you everyday and pray for your strength. I feel so grateful that you are doing your practice as I do mine. There is something about presence not giving us more than we can take but I think enough is enough. No more, please. I send you my prayers all the time. You are so resilient, I can feel it.

    I heard that you can ice your hands to help with the neuropathy. I am grateful you know your are loved and I am sending so much. I am moving to Hawaii next month. Please know you have a place there.. it is where we met all those years ago. When I find a place. When all the ashes settle and time somehow heals as much as it can. When you are healthy, when when.. and now in this present moment and this one.


  37. Jaya
    Jaya says:

    Sending you big prayers. This is one intense transition. Thank you for sharing your process. When we share we can all learn from each other. Bless you and your strength! Ps. Cannabis has even shown to heal cancer and the side effects of chemo. Do a Google search on NCI cannabis for the National Cancer Institute page on Cannabis. Xoxoxoxo

  38. Melantha
    Melantha says:

    Dear Lokita…My heart aches for your horrific loss! I can’t find words to express to you how much I hold you and Steve in great esteem and with such fondness in my heart. It’s been a long time since I have seen you, but I always kept “track” of you and Steve from your web site. I remember the time I stayed with you and can still feel the love that permeated your home and emanated from you both…true lights in the world. To witness your inner strength at this devastating time is humbling. Your sharing, your writing, your wisdom are beautiful inspirations to me. I am learning from you as I go through my treatment for lymphoma. Thank you, beautiful soul, for being you and sharing yourself so amazingly.

  39. Johanina Wikoff
    Johanina Wikoff says:

    Your words are precious reminder of what truly matters, how fleeting life is and how living our practice can bring us back from the brink of despair again and again. My heart is broken open and even though we have not spent time together, my soul embraces yours and recognizes that your journey is mine and all of ours to hold
    Blessings dear Lokita. You are deeply loved.

  40. Preeti Helena
    Preeti Helena says:

    Oh Lokita, my heart is with you. The lessons are pretty hard these days and go to the core… health, survival, loneliness, death, lost. There is no reason to it.

    Thank you for sharing so honestly. It helps me with what I’m going through. Trying to fix things doesn’t work. Living in the moment is the only answer.

    Sending you so much love and strength from Alice Springs, a coflicted town in harsh, yet beautiful country.

  41. CIndy and David
    CIndy and David says:

    Oh Sweet Woman
    We think of you every day and hold you in our hearts. Steve’s passing has transformed my life too in a subtle understanding that everything here comes to pass. We bought a dog and a cat and I got a tattoo and we planned an anniversary trip. Life seems very precious and very transitory right now. We continue to send you love

  42. Sara
    Sara says:

    my sweet lokita thank you for reminding me of being present wich I pracitce and as I moor awake then most I feel so blessed for being reminded as falling a sleep is part of waking up I see all our story’s which are unique ways to wake up to unconditional love to understand we are allways save even in an anxiety attac even when we path over we are eternal souls and we awakening to this and in this we change our behaviour our actions our understanding our goals our perception our compass ingot heal to feel whole I love you lokita I thank u for all you ever gave I see your effort I see your pain I feel you and I am glad you in my live and showed and shared so simple things like a smile may your body heal your soul see and your connection feel real ….Birgit /sara from New Zealand …or as you named me shunyata divine emptiness

  43. Sherli
    Sherli says:

    I learned from you & Steve about trying to be present, to stay in the moment. But when the present is so painful, I find comfort in imagining a future that will not be painful. Or a past that held good memories. I know I’m missing the point by saying this. The biggest comfort I find is the “TEMPORARINESS” of everything when I’m in my darkest moments. I know if I just hold on, it will past. Your teachings of light, acceptance, love & compassion in the past & now as you are living through the unimaginable continues to give me strength & inspires me. I “rub my hands” with love to you, to Steve & Coco.

  44. Catherine Bonin
    Catherine Bonin says:

    You are and always have been an inspiration. I am touched by how gracefully you are walking through this – still so unimaginable, yet so incredibly real. I continue to hold you in my heart. Love and hugs to you…..always and in all ways.

  45. Pala Copeland and Al Link
    Pala Copeland and Al Link says:

    Lokita: We were shocked and saddened to read about Steve’s murder and are sorry for your terrible loss, particularly at this extremely challenging time in your life. Although we’ve not met personally, we’ve long admired your work and the love and help you’ve brought to so many on the Tantric path. Now, your courage, wisdom and presence are an inspiration to all. May you find peace in the moment and continue to spread your love.

  46. ShantiKate
    ShantiKate says:

    Thanks for your words–I have been so sorry for your loss. I think of you every day, and now you have become a teacher for so many. (I don’t know you, but I do remember seeing Steve at Harbin.)

    This may seem too practical, but I keep wanting to say–eat baked sweet potatoes and delicata squash–good foods, I believe, for chemo takers.

    I hope Coco heals soon and comes home so you can comfort each other.

  47. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Every time the world of social media brings you into my day, I am inspired. Thank you. Your voice is so necessary and again I thank you for sharing your kindness with us. Namaste

  48. Bonnie Sherman
    Bonnie Sherman says:

    Lokita, Thank-you for sharing your process as there are potent jewels of reflection for many of us within your journey. Thank-you for sharing your journey. Thank-you. Namaste’, Bonnie

  49. Crystal D Morris
    Crystal D Morris says:

    Hi Lokita,
    Thx for sharing this post. I am sending you love everyday. I know you are a strong woman. Glad to hear you are taking care and being in the beauty of the now. Let me know if I can be of service. OX

  50. Lines of Beauty
    Lines of Beauty says:

    Lokita, I so appreciate you sharing your journey with us as you gather and regatheri your strength. Every week I continue to learn from you as you make your way. We’re sending our love to you, xo, Louise & Tom (Omega 2013 & 2015).

  51. Kelila
    Kelila says:

    Thank you, dear Lokita, for sharing your intense pain and vulnerability and deep loving presence.
    You remind me to breathe and be present and to flow and know that I am not able to control it all.
    I send you so much love and think of you all the time, sending healing and light.


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